The Estate Carrarese is back!
A rich festival to animate Padua's summer

It's time for the Estate Carrarese, rich festival of events that will animate Padova during this summer. The Estate Carrarese finds its cultural assumption in the expressed will of taking the period of the Carrara family and the whole fourteenth century as a strategic axis for the representation and enhancement of Padua as a major European city of art. A historic moment, with Giotto and the Scrovegni Chapel, on the form of a real cultural revolution, a change of paradigm that has strongly marked the entire history of Western art. On this track, the Estate Carrarese will provide moments of entertainment, culture, exhibitions, tours, events in the squares. Everything to enjoy the magic of Padua. For information you can visit the page dedicated to the Estate Carrarese on Padovanet.


Padua celebrates St. Anthony... Waiting for the Europeade
One hundred Thousand pilgrims in town on the day dedicated to the saint

Padua hosts at least one hundred thousand pilgrims on the day dedicated to St. Anthony. Or, like all the Paduan like to call him, "The Saint". A thick book of appointments will fill the day of celebration. Principal moment, the evocative procession that will pass through the main streets of the city center, with departure and arrival at the Basilica. Basilica that, to accommodate all pilgrims coming from the four corners of the globe, will be open from 5.30 to 22.30. "The relationship between Padua and St. Anthony - says the Rector of the Basilica, father Enzo Poiana - is very deep: I speak not only of institutions but of families. Scroll through the list of pilgrimages in preparation for the celebration of 13 June ".


Introducing the 49th Europeade to the town
Press conference on June 4th

It is scheduled in the morning of Monday, June 4th the press conference of presentation of the 49th Europeade, with the mayor of Padova Flavio Zanonato and city councilor for tourism and productive activities Marta Dalla Vecchia. The press conference will be an opportunity to present to the journalists of local media - newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online newspapers - the program and the initiatives of the Festival - with over 4,000 artists and 250 traditional groups - that will bring the whole Europe in Prato della Valle from 11 July to 15 July 2012. The press conference will be held Monday, June 4, 2012, at 12:45, room Bresciani Alvarez, Palazzo Moroni.